Your health as a sixth sense


Healthscore is an app that allows users to track different aspects of their lifestyle with a simplified user experience similar to tracking a credit score. The app makes suggestions that guide the user to their set goals and creates customizable reminders to help them stay on track.


The goal for our research was to find out how we could improve the user experience of health-related smart watch applications in order to help prevent common health issues.

Blood Pressure

We found that the majority of our sample size did not know their current blood pressure, adding this feature to smart watches would help people keep track of it and detect when it becomes high or low. 

Health Metrics

We asked what users would want to keep track of in a health app. The top 3 were distance traveled, calories burned, and steps. 

Reminders and Activities

Reminders and push notifications can be bothersome for users, this can be avoided by allowing users to choose what they would like to be reminded for. 

Cindy Yang

Project Manager

Alexa Agustiano

UX Designer

Michele Chao

UX Researcher

Patrick O'Brien

UX Researcher

Team Members

After our team decided on the key features of our app, I created a user flow diagram which I then used to draw out wireframes of each screen.

Sketches and Wireframes


Using the sketches above, I created a prototype in Adobe XD. Users can log in using existing accounts, connect a smart watch, and begin tracking their daily activities.  

Look & Feel

Brand Colors

Artist Statement

This project was created for an assignment during my first quarter in the IMD program. Before working on Healthscore, I had never worked on a design team. This project introduced me to the process and I learned how to ideate, research, and design working alongside my team members. We started out with the idea of creating a smart ring and accompanying app that would help users track their health. After a few more sessions of brainstorming we came up with the idea of letting users keep track of their health holistically, using an all encompassing score that would mimic a credit score.

Like many credit score apps, I decided to design the score to be displayed on a meter that is displayed on the user's dashboard. If the user's score goes up, the amount of points it increased by and reason for increase is displayed. We also added the ability to customize what the user would like to keep track of. On the user's dashboard, there are widgets that display the different health metrics of their choosing. This allows them to focus on what is relevant to their individual goals. Other features of the app include activity reminders, customizable work outs, and health tips.

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